Company policy, mission and responsibility

Trust and security

Our policy is to produce circulations from tens of thousands to millions of pieces with quality and speed. Having the BST Inspection System to monitor the quality during the printing of each individual label gives us the ability to respond in a timely manner and minimize the possibility of defects
We win the trust of our customers with a precise preparation process, controlled printing quality and fast delivery, always lending a hand and responding promptly in crisis situations.

Additional security for our customers is our exclusive arrangement with other colleagues, on whom we can rely in case of force majeure.

Innovation and nature protection

We guarantee the best level in the industry with the latest generation of flexographic printing machines, as well as with additional technological systems with which we monitor the work process.

All the inks we work with are approved for use in the food industry, which guarantees harmlessness, and the paper we choose for printing is from renewable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council International) resources.

As a modern company, we strive to use technologies that are oriented towards protecting the environment and reducing waste, for this reason we test new developments and follow global trends in the field of flexographic printing.

In addition: we take care to reduce waste by having an automated tool washing system available, and the cleaning chemicals are used and purified for repeated use.

“An organization, no matter how well it is established, is only as good as the people who work in it.”
Dee Hawk, creator of VISA

Respect and loyalty

Above all, we at Siflex Ltd. strive to see the human being in our customers, suppliers and in our team. We are loyal to our regular customers and we want everyone who is part of our work process to be appreciated. We take care of team motivation and quality internal company communication.

The advantage of our small team is the dynamic scope and flexibility of work, as well as the possibility of continuity of work process through interchangeability of individual employees.

Mission and responsibility

Over the years, our team has been joined by a small group of cats who are responsible for the good mood in the office and for reducing stress in the workplace. Caring for abandoned and stray animals is our personal mission.

Our main goal is not just a sustainable business, but to make the world around us better. Our leitmotif is to be useful to the world around us!

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